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The Internet infrastructure industry is comprised almost entirely of small to medium-sized businesses, generates $46 billion a year in revenue and is growing at a rate of 20% per year. These days every new initiative that creates jobs and wealth for this nation also has an Internet component, sometimes at its core. On its own, the industry generates $9.2 billion dollars a year in positive trade flow to the US Businesses on the Internet fuel industry and innovation at every level. Not only is it a substantial industry itself, but it’s the foundation of the entire digital economy.

However, there’s a huge lack of understanding about how the Internet works, and frankly that often leads legislators to the creation of some fairly destructive proposals. The theory is that legislators and (more importantly) their technical staff, will be better prepared to address Internet-related issues with a fuller understanding of how the Internet works.

The mission of Digital Education Initiative (DEI) is to endeavor to create an Internet education curriculum for legislators, and to build the mechanisms to empower a team of interns to schedule and issue this educational resource on an ongoing, perpetual basis. This organization, in conjunction with you and other supporters, will provide the intellectual and financial support it will take to make this mission a reality.